Investment team

We believe that the success of our fund management has come from an open and pragmatic approach to investment.  Every member of the investment team is encouraged to present ideas and work openly in a team environment.  We believe that different styles of management, tools and research work in different parts of the investment cycle and therefore maintain a flexible investment process.

The asset allocation and key themes are set by a small committee.  We believe that a small team is important in allowing ideas for conviction to be implemented, whilst ensuring there is opportunity for challenge and debate.

Members of the investment team are detailed below, with Toby Ricketts being the lead fund manager on the Risk Rated range of funds:-


Current Qualifications and Memberships
Investment Management Certificate
Financial Planning Certificate
Futures and Options Certificate
Regulation and Compliance Diploma
Member of the Personal Finance Society
Member of the Institute of Financial Planning
Member of International Training in Communication (USA)
Founder member of the Professional Speakers Association (UK)

Since joining Margetts in 1994, Toby has become widely regarded as a leading professional in collective investment management, being regularly profiled in the major financial publications and national press. Toby is the lead manager of the award winning Risk Rated fund of funds and holds a position on the investment committee of one of our third party fund ranges.


Current Qualifications and Memberships
CFA Charter holder
MSc Investment Analysis
BSc (Hons) Accounting and Economics

Dmitry joined Margetts in 2014 after graduating from Aston University with a masters in Investment Analysis. As well as providing qualitative information on underlying holdings, Dmitry focuses on quantitative screening and modelling to assist the fund managers.

Whilst at university, Dmitry had a keen interest in pricing derivatives and fixed income assets.

Risk team

The Risk Team feed into the Investment Risk Committee, who oversee the Risk Management Framework of the Firm and also work with the Fund Management team to provide valuable information that helps them to manage the funds, to a set level of risk.

Key members of the Risk Team are detailed below, which is led by the Chief Operating Officer.


Current Qualifications and Memberships
CFA Charter holder
CISI Regulation and Compliance
Investment Management Certificate
BSc (Hons) Economics

Matthew joined Margetts in 2002 after graduating with a degree in Economics, having conducted an empirical investigation into the relationship between risk and return and modern portfolio theory.  Matthew is a CFA Charter holder and an experienced fund manager, working in the Fund Management department of the Firm until 2018 as lead manager to several funds and holding the position of Chief Investment Officer.  In 2018, Matthew’s role transitioned to Chief Operating Officer after building Investment Operations and Risk Management knowledge and experience, providing greater segregation of duties and providing stronger Governance.


Current Qualifications and Memberships
Capital Markets Programme- Derivatives
AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Level 3)
Certificate in Investment Operations

John joined Margetts in 2010 as part of the NAV Construction and Fund Accounting team. After building several years experience in these functions John moved from Team Leader of this department to join the Operations team as Senior Operations Analyst. In 2018, John was promoted to manager of the Investment Operations department, bringing significant knowledge and experience of operations to the department.