Research and Review

Research Notes

Research notes combine the quantitative and qualitative analysis to form a view about the collective investment scheme.

Research notes provide a rating on a scale of 1 (strong sell) through 3 (Hold) to 5 (Strong Buy).

The analyst will provide a reason for the rating, a risk rating, overview of key features, notes on performance and management. The analyst will also point out any perceived risks with the process or management of the fund.

Other general information is also provided such as costs, asset and geographical allocation, turnover etc.

All research is signed off by a senior manager of the team following a review.


The Fund Management team meet on a weekly basis to discuss macro economic data, the investment cycle and the investment strategy.

This review can affect the Margetts Risk Rated fund range instantly. For model portfolios this on-going process allows themes to build and the team to adjust allocations across all models on their review date.

In addition, the underlying holdings held in that model are subject to a review using technical analysis reports, which help the team identify inconsistencies in performance which will lead to a detailed review when appropriate.

Margetts track the performance of funds where research has been conducted to flag to the investment team when a fund’s subsequent performance is outside of our expectations. The research and subsequent performance will be reviewed and new research may be conducted if appropriate.


Margetts has in place controls to ensure that research and our investment management meets the high standards required by the firm.

The investment process has been designed to provide consistent application of our approach.

The firm operates risk controls according to the Risk Management Policy, which sets out our framework for ensuring that we can identify, monitor and manage risks.